Let Us Go and Start!


In late 2016, we put out an urgent call for support to build a school in a severely-underserved area of Uganda. The Early Childhood Education facility in the community, doing its best to support children in need, was overcrowded and under-resourced, and a devastating education gap was looming for the children of Masindi District.

You responded, and the school is now being built with thanks to your generous support!


While the expanded Early Childhood Development and primary school classrooms are now underway, funds are still needed to ensure the children of Masindi District receive the highest quality education in a sustainable way. Teacher training, school supplies, funds to maintain and expand the school nutrition program, health and hygiene facilities, and support for the local School Management Committee are still required.

Project Timeline

Project Funding
Oct, 2016
Child Empowerment & Development Organization (CEDO), CFTC local partner, applies for special funding for a school as part of their Tugende-Tutandike project.
Nov-Dec, 2016
Community members donate labour, equipment and supplies.
Community participation
Build Approval
Dec, 2016
CFTC secures enough funding to provide the go-ahead to build.
Feb, 2017
Temporary structure is erected to house overflow students.
Temporary Structure
Foundation Laid
Feb 7, 2017
Feb 19, 2017
The foundation is filled with marble and stone for strength.
Strong Start
Foundation Complete
Feb 24, 2017
Smoothed and completed foundation. The previous, thatched structure is shown back, right.
Mar 3, 2017
Building Begins
CFTC Visit
March, 2017
CFTC VP Programs and Programs Technical Advisor, Gender & Education visit the project site.
Mar 14, 2017
School Committee Meets
Walls Start Going Up
Mar 15, 2017
Mar 24, 2017
The community is delighted with the progress of the school.
Walls Completed
Apr 3, 2017
Apr 17, 2017
CEDO, which supports a local youth football team, donates footballs to the school.
More to Come


Shakira (on right) lives with her four siblings in a grass thatched hut that her mother rents.

Shakira’s mother earns a living by farming on rented land, growing crops that she can sell to try and support her children.

The Nyakyanika School is the only school that Shakira can reach by foot from home, in her rural community in the Masindi District of Uganda. She makes the journey with her siblings each day.

Unfortunately, the community has been forced to build temporary classroom structures made of mud and grass for children like Shakira to learn in, because – UNTIL NOW – they didn’t have the resources to build permanent classrooms.

These temporary structures were crowded, unsafe, and didn’t protect against wind and rain – which left no choice but to cancel classes during the rainy season.

Also, teacher shortages and lack of standard classroom equipment left older students, girls especially, with a less-than-quality education and very vulnerable to dropping out.

With your gift, you are giving children like Shakira the chance to attend school in safe, new, well-equipped classrooms, with trained teachers. Shakira and hundreds of other students like her will receive a quality education and a healthy meal, so they can chase their dreams!