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Goats are hardy and require little expense to maintain, while they provide a source of protein, milk and cheese for families.


Goats distributed by CFTC are part of a breeding program that means that one goat becomes the foundation for a growing herd that offers food and income for the long-term.


Goats are part of a broad-based agricultural program, and come with training on animal husbandry, care and marketing.

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A goat’s impact

See charity goats in action

Woinshet Tefera

34-year-old widow, self-help group member and farmer
Abaye-Atir, North Shewa, Ethiopia

I was one of the poorest of the poor in my community and I was struggling to survive with my two children. But my life has changed significantly since I started rearing goats. Before receiving two goats, my income was not sufficient to cover my household expenses and I couldn’t meet the needs of my children.

Since I started rearing goats and earning an income from them, Woinshet Tefera, Goat Farm from Ethiopiathe biggest difference in my children’s lives is that they are now happy and hopeful. I am able to provide adequate food for my children and pay for school expenses. My children’s future is bright!

I am on a good track and I am growing my business. I sold 10 goats for 6,850 birr, and bought a deep freezer and fridge and started selling soft drinks and beer. Now I am getting an average of 200 birr per day compared to less than 100 birr per day previously.

I maintain 13 goats which are all in good condition. I want to have a big area of land to expand my business and increase my herd of goats to large number. Read more about the benefits of goats.

How to Buy a Goat

In under 5-minutes

Add a Goat to Your Cart

The goat you purchase will be sourced locally, i.e. as close to the recipient as possible. This approach provides an extra boost to local economies while keeping transport costs to a minimum.


Select a printed, eCard or PDF card to go to your special somebody. Note that eCards can be scheduled (great for holidays & birthdays). You can also buy a goat without choosing a card.


Review your goat order and then pay using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Amex) or via PayPal. Upon payment, you will be emailed an eReceipt within an hour of your donation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about goats. If you still have questions please contact us at 1-800-387-1221.

Goats can be purchased online using MasterCard, Visa, American Express or PayPal. You can also buy a goat by calling 1-800-387-1221 between 9am – 5pm EST, Monday to Friday.

Every gift that is listed in our Best Gift Ever catalogue has been identified by the communities we support as being vitally important to ensure children’s health and well-being. Goats are a popular choice because goats produce other goats. Quickly. Relatively easily. Maybe not as fast as the proverbial bunny, but fast enough that women – who are prevented from owning land in many of these communities and are often unable to grow and sell enough produce to feed their children – can create a simple set-up in their yard and raise a couple of goats – which can be reared and then traded up for a cow and for many other options as the family income grows.

Rest assured that the goat you buy won’t be put in the cargo hold of Air Canada to be shipped from HERE to THERE. That’s not only cost prohibitive, inefficient and inhumane, but it also prevents local, sustainable economic development from happening. That’s the last thing we want to do.

The goat you purchase will be sourced and distributed through CFTC’s local partners in communities that are running agricultural income generation programs. In our case it means goats will by bought locally and delivered to communities in Ethiopia, Ghana and Uganda.

The value of goats is sometimes questioned based on the assumption that their primary value is for the milk they produce. Quite correctly, people raise the issue of high lactose-intolerance levels among Africans. Goats are primarily used for their meat, not for their milk (at least, not in Canadian Feed The Children’s programs). In fact, goat meat has long been a staple in both East and West African diets.

The goats that CFTC distribute go to small family farms and individual families and are part of agricultural training and livelihoods programs that offer broad-based support. They are distributed through Self-Help Groups and Village Savings and Loans Associations – microfinance programs that teach women effective animal care, raising, and breeding techniques as part of overall literacy and numeracy, business and marketing training.

Community agricultural agents work with women and men to ensure that they have what they need to feed, house and sell their livestock. No one benefits if the recipient doesn’t know how to care for her goats and to grow her herd into a sustainable source of family income.

Every item in our catalogue is a REAL item that is given to REAL people in REAL communities. Those goats really exist, and they are really distributed in the communities in which CFTC works.

That said, it is true that while we do our very best to predict how many goats will be “ordered” from the catalogue each year and make sure that is the same number of goats that are used in our programs, it’s not a perfect science. For example, there could be a downturn in goat popularity, and fruit trees could go through the roof. Although this happens in the small minority of cases, we must do the responsible thing and let people know that we might need to use the excess funds raised for something else. If we have to do that, we always use the funds for a similar type of product – livestock of a different sort, or other agricultural products, for example.

Yes! Goats make the perfect birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Wedding gift. Not only are goats available to buy all year-round but they also come with a free card to match most occasions.

Yes. We’ve written a blog post, The straight goods on goats, which addresses some of the concerns a few people have regarding giving goats.

Yes, all goat purchases are tax receipted. When you order a goat online, you will receive an immediate charitable tax receipt in PDF format by email. When you order a goat by phone, you can choose to receive an electronic receipt or have one mailed to you, usually within two weeks. Canadian Feed The Children’s charitable registration number is 11883 0983 RR0001. See the Government of Canada’s policy statement for charitable tax receipts for more information about charity tax receipts.

No. When you purchase a goat it is considered a donation to Canadian Feed The Children, so no taxes are charged.

When it comes to cards you have three format options: email, PDF (for printing at home), or print. If you choose a printed card, we can send the card by post to you or to your honouree, whichever you prefer.

While we can’t guarantee delivery time, Best Gift Ever gift cards will be processed and sent by mail within 48 hours of purchase and by email within one hour.

About Us

Canadian Feed The Children is an independent, international development agency founded and operating in Canada since 1986.


CFTC is proud to have been named one of the Charities of the Year 2016 by the Financial Post. We were among the first to be accredited by Imagine Canada’s Standards Program and were awarded “Exemplar” status for 2014-2017 by the Voluntary Sector Reporting Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting Transparency. We are a registered Canadian charity.


Our financials are independently audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers and published each year, while our volunteer Board of Directors sets and exceeds the highest standards in governance. You can count on the highest standards when it comes to use and stewardship of your generous donations.

Based on preliminary unaudited financial results for 2016. For more information about our financials please download our latest Annual Report

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