Girl in Africa holding a charity goat from Canadian Feed The Children

Buy a chicken for charity

Buy three charity chickens for just $15 and you’ll provide a family with a secure source of food & income.

*You’ll immediately be emailed a tax receipt upon donation.

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Buy Chickens for Charity

And give the gift of:


A secure supply of eggs provides families with a rich source of protein.


For just $15 you’ll be buying three chickens which produce about 1,000 eggs each year allowing families to sell or trade the surplus for other food products.


Hen house supplies, feed, and training to raise healthy, productive chickens are included as part of your chicken gift.

Free Card

When you buy chickens

Along with your chicken purchase you will receive a free Printed, PDF or eCard to send to a special somebody. Card themes include birthday, holiday, teachers, weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and many more (use the slider to browse all options). Alternatively, you can select a chicken themed card, which details the chicken gift you have purchased. You can also buy chickens without selecting a card.

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A chicken’s impact

See charity chickens & other gifts in action

  • chickens2


    Chickens ($15 for three chicks) provide income and nutrition for both urban and rural families in CFTC’s countries of operation: Uganda, Ethiopia and Ghana. Chickens are easy to obtain and keep, require little room and are hardy. Chickens can also be raised by women, who rarely have access to arable land for other types of produce/livestock.

  • goats


    Goats ($75) are by far our most popular gift, and for good reason. Goats provide income and nutrition and once a herd is established, they can be ‘traded up’ for other types of livestock – cows usually – putting greater agricultural productivity and economic independence within reach of even those living in deep poverty.

  • EDA-bee-hives


    Bees ($54) are an integral part of CFTC’s beekeeping projects, such as the one located in the Amhara Region in Ethiopia, that are producing great results. This particular program includes 45 men who have produced 30 bee colonies, and have sold 20 for $1,000 birr each, while retaining 10 colonies. “My vision is to educate all my children up to the level they want to reach using the returns from my bee hives”, says Tagafaw Kabede (pictured above).

  • school-gardens

    School Gardens

    Cheyenne Mary, CFTC Program Coordinator shows six-year-old Serenity where fresh food comes from at the Eel Ground school and community garden (pictured above). Your school garden gift ($90) buys seeds, garden tools and supplies and educational materials to teach kids how to make good things grow! School and community gardens are also provided in Uganda, Ghana, Ethiopia and Bolivia.

  • teacher-training

    Teacher Training

    Knowledgeable, well-trained, qualified educators are critical to shape the future potential of each child, like Azalech Tadesse – an award-winning early childhood educator shown here at Gelan II centre in Ethiopia. Your Best Gift Ever supports teacher training ($60) in enriched environments in Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana and Bolivia.

  • sheep-Ethiopia-1024x780


    Mom and son raise sheep ($48) in Ethiopia, thanks to CFTC partner EDA’s “Small Ruminants” program. Goats and sheep (and chickens and pigs and bees …) provide sustainable livelihoods, nutrition and a path out of poverty.

  • Elsipogtog-snack

    School Meals

    All of CFTC’s Canadian school food programs – like this one here at Elsipogtog First Nation in Elsipogtog FN, NB – provide well-balanced, breakfasts, lunches and snacks ($65). School food programs increasingly include a nutrition education component, to create a long-term impact on food security, nutrition and health for children and parents alike.

  • school-uniforms

    School Uniforms

    Thanks to BGE supporters, these St. Paul Bulega primary school students are receiving brand new school uniforms ($10). Usually mandatory but often unaffordable, this simple gift allows a child to enroll in school, gives her confidence and a sense of belonging. Children in our programs frequently say that their school uniform is their most treasured possession.

  • womens-credit

    Women’s Credit

    Like mother, like daughter. Fatouma Oumar (left), has run a successful market stall in Kirkos sub-City outside Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She’s been so successful, in fact, that she recruited her daughter, Alimitou Moussa (right), to run her household-goods stall so she could focus on selling vegetables at another stall. A little help in the form of a women’s credit gift ($120), and a whole lot of hard work – and these women are supporting themselves and their families.

  • latrine


    In CFTC’s communities, such as Bidima, Ghana pictured above, the Best Gift Ever is a clean, private, easily-accessible and gender-segregated latrine ($125). Having to defecate openly infringes on human safety and dignity. Women and girls risk rape and abuse as they wait until night falls to gain some privacy. Even where toilets do exist, they generally remain inadequate for those with special needs and women and girls requiring facilities to manage menstrual hygiene. That is why latrines are so critical to be built near to schools. Where they exist, the drop-out rate for girls at puberty declines.

How to Buy Chickens for Charity

In under 5-minutes

Buy Chickens

The chickens you purchase will be sourced locally, i.e. as close to the recipient as possible. This approach provides an extra boost to local economies while keeping transport costs to a minimum.


Select a printed, eCard or PDF card to go to your special somebody. Note that eCards can be scheduled (great for holidays & birthdays). You can also buy charity chickens without choosing a card.


Review your charity chicken order and then pay using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Amex) or via PayPal. Upon payment, you will be emailed an eReceipt within an hour of your donation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about buying chickens for charity. If you still have questions please contact us at 1-800-387-1221.

You can buy chickens for charity online using MasterCard, Visa, American Express or PayPal. You can also buy charity chickens by calling 1-800-387-1221 between 9am – 5pm EST, Monday to Friday.

Every gift that is listed in our Best Gift Ever catalogue has been identified by the communities we support as being vitally important to ensure children’s health and well-being. Chickens are a popular choice because they provide women – who are often prevented from owning land in many of these communities – with the opportunity to create a simple set-up in their yard to raise chickens. Three chickens produce about 1,000 eggs each year providing a good source of protein, while the surplus can be sold or traded for other food products. Chickens can also be traded up for other livestock options as the family income grows.

Rest assured that the chickens you buy won’t be put in the cargo hold of Air Canada to be shipped from HERE to THERE. That’s not only cost prohibitive, inefficient and inhumane, but it also prevents local, sustainable economic development from happening. That’s the last thing we want to do.

The chickens you purchase will be sourced and distributed through CFTC’s local partners in communities that are running agricultural income generation programs. In our case it means chickens will by bought locally and delivered to communities in Ethiopia, Ghana and Uganda.

The chickens that CFTC distribute go to small family farms and individual families and are part of agricultural training and livelihoods programs that offer broad-based support. They are distributed through Self-Help Groups and Village Savings and Loans Associations – microfinance programs that teach women effective animal care and raising techniques as part of overall literacy and numeracy, business and marketing training.

Community agricultural agents work with women and men to ensure that they have what they need to feed, house and sell their livestock. No one benefits if the recipient doesn’t know how to care for her chickens.

Every item in our catalogue is a REAL item that is given to REAL people in REAL communities. Those chickens really exist, and they are really distributed in the communities in which CFTC works.

That said, it is true that while we do our very best to predict how many chickens will be “ordered” from the catalogue each year and make sure that is the same number of chickens that are used in our programs, it’s not a perfect science. For example, there could be a downturn in chicken popularity, and fruit trees could go through the roof. Although this happens in the small minority of cases, we must do the responsible thing and let people know that we might need to use the excess funds raised for something else. If we have to do that, we always use the funds for a similar type of product – livestock of a different sort, or other agricultural products, for example.

Yes! Chickens make the perfect birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter and Wedding gift. Not only are chickens available to buy all year-round but they also come with a free card to match most occasions.

Yes, all chicken purchases are tax receipted. When you order charity chickens online, you will receive an immediate charitable tax receipt in PDF format by email. When you order chickens by phone, you can choose to receive an electronic receipt or have one mailed to you, usually within two weeks. Canadian Feed The Children’s charitable registration number is 11883 0983 RR0001. See the Government of Canada’s policy statement for charitable tax receipts for more information about charity tax receipts.

No. When you purchase chickens it is considered a donation to Canadian Feed The Children, so no taxes are charged.

When it comes to cards you have three format options: email, PDF (for printing at home), or print. If you choose a printed card, we can send the card by post to you or to your honouree, whichever you prefer.

While we can’t guarantee delivery time, Best Gift Ever gift cards will be processed and sent by mail within 48 hours of purchase and by email within one hour.

About Us

Canadian Feed The Children is an independent, international development agency founded and operating in Canada since 1986.


Our financials are independently audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers and published each year. When you purchase chickens from CFTC you can count on the highest standards when it comes to the stewardship of your generous donation.


In 2015 CFTC was awarded “Exemplar” status for its three consecutive wins of the Voluntary Sector Reporting Award of Excellence for Financial Reporting Transparency. When you give chickens your information will be 100% secure and will never be shared with anybody. See our privacy policy for more information.

Based on preliminary unaudited financial results for 2016. For more information about our financials please download our latest Annual Report

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In the event that money raised for a particular gift item exceeds the demand for that item, your donation will be directed to other items in our catalogue.