Instilling a sense of pride and ambition in a child can be as easy as giving them a clean uniform that fits and a new pair of shoes – just ask Derartu. With sponsorship support, she’s on the path to fulfilling her potential. “My mother and father died when I was small, and I now live with my grandmother in Obi Kebele (outside of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia),” Derartu explained. Her grandmother – like so many in East Africa who’ve taken on responsibilities for grandchildren in the wake of HIV/AIDS – was unable to afford a school uniform for Derartu. “My father used to always buy me clothes, so when I saw my classmates with uniforms and shoes, it made me sad,” Derartu said. With sponsorship, Derartu was given a new uniform, shoes, pencils and notebooks. Free from needing to ask her grandmother to supply these items for her, Derartu was able to focus on her studies and has excelled in school, becoming a top student in Grade 6 and earning a dictionary and school bag as a reward for her performance.