Richard Jean Jacques

Richard Jean Jacques (right) with CFTC Country Representative Madsen Gachette. This 16-year-old, from an early start of physical pain and abandonment, is going places thanks to House of Hope and his own indomitable spirit. Richard Jean Jacques was brought to the orphanage at the age of six. He has no recollection of his parents. What he does have is a love for singing. CFTC staff during this visit were given an impromptu concert, including one of his “Djo Kaef’s” (that’s his stage name!) own compositions. While his voice was captivating, what really shone in him was the confidence he carries for his talent and his future. He spoke about working to develop his career as a singer and about the impressive number of performances he has under his belt already. But that’s not all, he also wants to go to university to become an engineer. With sponsorship support, he has an opportunity to make that dream real.