The Challenge

One in four First Nations children lives in poverty. Many First Nation children in Canada endure health levels and living conditions usually associated with impoverished developing countries. Poverty has resulted in health problems unique to First Nations children. Diabetes is now considered a pandemic among First Nations peoples.

“What I’ve seen in Canada is a system that presents barriers for the poor to access nutritious diets and that tolerates increased inequalities between rich and poor, and Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples.”

Olivier de Schutter UN Special Rapporteur on right to food

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Saskatchewan girls enjoy a mid-day snack, Canada © CFTC 2009

How CFTC Helps

We work with local partners to:

Fund school breakfast and lunch feeding programs in First Nations communities to ensure children receive at least one nutritious meal a day. In collaboration with our local partners, deliver nutrition education to families and the wider community with the aim of creating long-lasting improvements.

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Where Your Money Goes

Your donations are used to support existing nutrition programs, such as the school breakfast and lunch program at Eel Ground First Nation School (see video) or to create new programs where the need arises.

While these programs currently benefit children and an increasing number of adults in communities across Canada, there are many more who need your help.

“The meal program is truly helping to reduce the issues that plague First Nations communities – like diabetes, obesity, and other eating concerns. The youth are our future, and the future is beginning to look a little brighter as these kids get what they need to develop into positive members of the community.”

Stacey Harrison Program Coordinator, Saddle Lake Boys and Girls Clubs

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How You Can Help


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Fund this project monthly and you will be changing children’s lives daily.

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Your single donation could feed a child for a day, week or month.

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