Making a donation to children will help feed and education a child, while providing capacity building for families and communities in Canada and internationally.


ways-donations-home-single-iconSingle Donation

Your single donation supports good nutrition and vital access to education for children, and provides their parents with the means to earn a livelihood to help their children grow up safe, healthy and strong.

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ways-donations-home-monthly-iconMonthly Donation

A monthly commitment is a commitment to social change and to alleviating poverty for real people in specific communities around the world. These communities are not looking for charity – they are working toward change. Help them make that change today.

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ways-donations-home-memorium-iconIn Memoriam / Tribute Gifts

Honour someone special by changing a child’s life. In memoriam donations are a wonderful way to remember a loved one who has passed, while tribute gifts are a great way to mark a birthday, anniversary or other significant life event.

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