In memoriam donations

“In memoriam” donations are a wonderful way to honour or remember a loved one who’s passed, while making an important difference in a child’s life. In lieu of flowers, we will provide a beautiful card to the family or directly to you, or arrange for cards to be available at the funeral home making an in memoriam gift easy for friends and family.

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Schoolkids at play, Uganda © CFTC 2009


Children line up for clean water provided by CHADET, Ethiopia © CFTC 2009

Special occasion tribute gifts

Mark a birthday, anniversary or other significant life event with a tribute gift – perfect for the hard-to-buy-for person. When you make a tribute gift, we will send a beautiful card with your personal message to the honouree telling them of your gift to Canadian Feed The Children.

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How it works

Follow these steps to make an in memoriam or tribute gift:
  • 1Fill in our secure online form, being sure to include details of the person you are honouring, or call us at 1-800-387-1221.
  • 2We will send a beautiful card with your personal message to your honouree, the family or directly to you.

Donate in memoriamMake a tribute


A schoolgirl with her work, Bolivia © CFTC 2012


Children play in the schoolyard at ISAPSO-supported Beza Academy, Sululta, Ethiopia © CFTC 2010

Why Canadian Feed The Children?

Since 1986, we have worked to reduce the impact of poverty on children in Africa, Bolivia, Canada and Haiti. As an independent, non-faith-based development agency, we support all children regardless of their race, religion, gender or culture.

Donate in memoriamMake a tribute

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