Frequently Asked Questions

How is my monthly donation used?
Your contribution is directed towards the core programs that Canadian Feed The Children funds across all of our countries of operation. We operate through local partners in each country: community-based organizations and other non-profit organizations who share our commitment to poverty alleviation for children. These groups implement and deliver direct benefits to children in the areas of nutrition and education, and also participate in longer-term strategies to achieve the sustainable development goals of the communities in which they work, primarily in the areas of food security, sustainable agricultural production, livelihoods, and access to quality primary education and early childhood development and care.
What amount enables me to become an Everyday Hero?
You can become a monthly sponsor – that is, an “Everyday Hero” – for any amount you like, however, to help us apply your support in the most cost-effective manner, we recommend a minimum commitment of $15 per month. Even more important than the size of your donation is the commitment you are making to providing regular support each month. Whether it’s $15 or $50 (or more) per month, you can rest assured knowing that you are supporting programs that have a deep and long-lasting effect on children, families and entire communities through a flexible and cost-efficient method of donation.
How can I stay up to date on the impact my gift is having?
As an Everyday Hero, we know that you have a strong vision and commitment to children so we offer a variety of ways to stay connected with the work and impact that your donations are helping to achieve. Our website offers regularly-updated information about CFTC’s programs around the world. You will also receive a semi-annual newsletter, impact, in the mail each spring and fall. With your permission, you’ll also be signed up for our monthly enewsletter, Childhood. You’ll receive regular email communications from us highlighting news and information, including our Annual Report – which we release each year in July/August. And of course, we welcome you to join us on facebook and twitter to stay connected and engaged via social media.
Can I ‘designate’ my gift to specific countries?
The short answer is yes! The slightly longer answer is that while we can ensure that your donation is applied directly to a specific country of operation, the communications you receive will continue to highlight all of the work across all of CFTC’s countries. This is because monthly donations overall are considered “undesignated” funds – meaning that they are applied to all of CFTC’s core programs on a pre-planned and as-needed basis. That’s why monthly undesignated giving is the most cost-effective giving option, as tracking, processing and administration is minimal and more of your dollars can be directed to the children we are helping together.

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