Where your money goes

Your donations fund core, long-term initiatives in Africa, Bolivia, Canada and Haiti. CFTC’s local partners implement sustainable poverty alleviation strategies that benefit children, families and entire communities, such as: education

Supporting greater access to quality education, especially for girls, in Ghana, Ethiopia and Uganda


Promoting community awareness of children’s rights and providing quality daycare for children and youth in Bolivia.


Increasing food security practices in Haiti, Ghana and Ethiopia by training farmers in agricultural best practices, including boosting production through climate-smart technologies, education and technologies.


Stemming malnutrition and hunger through breakfast and lunch programs and culturally-appropriate nutrition education in Canada’s First Nations communities.


Building capacity among CFTC’s local partners to drive sustainable, community-led initiatives that benefit children.

Give Monthly

Debra Kerby, Executive Director of CFTC. thanks donors from a project in Uganda.


Why giving monthly is so cost effective

Streamlined, ‘unrestricted’ giving. Monthly donations provide a steady stream of flexible, unrestricted funds. This saves administration time and ensures your contributions can be applied where they are needed most. Lower fundraising costs. Pre-arranged deductions from one donor who gives 12 times a year requires less time and cost to process than the same donation from 12 separate donors. Monthly givers free up resources and allow us to focus our energy on helping children. Long-term solutions. We strive for long-lasting change not quick fixes. Regular, steady support from committed donors lets us start and follow through on strategic programs with longer timeframes – which ultimately achieve bigger impact.

Give Monthly

Relationships get results

Monthly givers make a commitment to support CFTC’s vision. We take that commitment seriously and we don’t take your generosity for granted. We believe that trust, open communication and transparency are critical to build lasting relationships.

We will do all we can to let you know about the impact your gifts are making on the children, families and communities we are supporting together.

Your gifts to CFTC also support our local partners with whom we have similar long-standing, trusting relationships. Whenever we can bring you closer to our country staff and partners, we will: whether by sharing stories of their work through newsletters and our website, inviting you to participate in events held in Canada, or making opportunities available to you to visit beneficiaries internationally.

Give Monthly


Self-Help Group – ISAPSO Ethiopia

Self-help groups that are funded through CFTC’s monthly donors help women like Asrat Tola (right) in Woliso, Ethiopia, earn enough income to care for her children with home-based businesses like vegetable gardens, livestock and petty trade.

School Equipment and Supplies

Creating environments that support quality learning is essential so that education can fulfill its potential as the world’s number one poverty buster. These children in Ghana are delighted to receive a shipment of textbooks and school supplies thanks to CFTC’s monthly supporters.

Agricultural Training – Haiti

Monthly donors support farm-based organizations in Haiti to help them offer the skills and tools to inspire community-based, community-owned change. Monthly donors’ support for capacity building is critical to drive long-term, sustainable agricultural improvements that increase Haitians’ food security.

CERPES and CICOMS in Bolivia

As Bolivia’s school system offers classes for half days, CICOMs and CERPES offer a place to play and learn for the rest of the day. These early childhood daycare options and after-school programs for older children help parents earn an income knowing their children are being cared for in a safe place.

Community capacity building

Heather Johnston, CFTC’s Director of Programs (right), meets with an early childhood education committee outside of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Enhancing community understanding and involvement in children’s education is an important step towards improving access to quality education for all.

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