Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity allows you to support Canadian Feed The Children in its fight against child poverty while earning a guaranteed and substantially tax-free income from your assets.



Enjoy tax benefits during your lifetime – Gift annuities allow you to decrease your tax burden significantly while enjoying a guaranteed annual income. The optimum age for creating a gift annuity is between 70 and 80. Make a real impact – Your gift annuity allows you to offer a significant donation to Canadian Feed The Children during your lifetime and as a legacy, enabling us to make a real difference to children and communities affected by poverty.

How it works

1 A percentage of the principal amount (a minimum of 20 per cent for tax purposes) of the annuity is donated to Canadian Feed The Children for immediate use. 2 In return, you receive a regular, largely tax-free annual income for the rest of your life. The annuity can also be arranged so that on your passing it will continue to provide regular payments to a loved one. 3 Upon the termination of the annuity, CFTC receives the residual amount, which will be used according to the terms of the annuity.

We strongly recommend you consult your own lawyer or other professional advisor about the applicability to your situation.


A Guide to Charitable Gift Annuities

This guide provides a full explanation of charitable gift annuities and their benefits.
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