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Sponsor a child for just $29 per month and give a child hope. Every. Single. Day.

How it works Sponsor a Child

How it Works

Three easy steps

Step 1

Let us know your preferences

Based on your gender and country preferences, we’ll choose a sponsored child for you.
However, beyond just supporting your sponsored child, your support also helps other children in your sponsored child’s family and community! Sponsored children act as ‘ambassadors’ representing other children in the community and their needs.

Step 2

We’ll send you a welcome kit!

Your welcome kit will contain a profile of a child selected especially for you.
You’ll receive a pamphlet with a colour photo and information on your sponsored child, their family circumstances, and the community and country in which they reside. You’ll also receive a Frequently Asked Questions guide about child sponsorship.

Step 3

You’ll receive child updates

Each October, you’ll receive photos of your sponsored child, their community and school plus health and family status updates.
Each Spring and Fall you’ll also receive the thrive! newsletter with stories about how your support is making a difference for children and families around the world!

Dayana, sponsored child from Bolivia
My mother recently died, and my brothers and sisters and I were split up. Without the sponsorship program, I wouldn’t have been able to stay in school. My dream is to have my own house so I can reunite our family.Dayana, Sponsored child from Bolivia
Meet the childrenSponsor a child

Meet the Children

Cathy Gibbon, Child Sponsor
Everyone is so caring and so dedicated to child rights… it’s just great to see.Cathy Gibbon, Child Sponsor comments after visiting her sponsor children in Bolivia
Learn about our programSponsor a child

Our program

For the Child

  • Sponsored children receive support that ensures they have access to nutritious meals and education
  • Support delivered through schools and early childhood centres is an incentive to education
  • Regular follow-up by local partners ensures vulnerable children are well-supported
  • Sponsorship is all-inclusive regardless of religion, race, culture – CFTC’s programming is delivered with a focus on social change and outside of any specific religious context


  • Sponsored children are “ambassadors” for their communities. This model ensures that your support benefits more than just your sponsored child.
  • Children thrive in healthy families and communities – child sponsorship provides a channel for anti-poverty initiatives at the household and community levels
  • Sponsored parents are able to access livelihood supports, income generation, other capacity-building programs
  • Sponsorship parents and communities benefit from workshops on healthy child development & child rights (e.g., value of education, positive parenting, nutrition education)

For you

  • Affordable child sponsorship model ($29/mo)
  • Pooled donations so your support goes further
  • Regular annual reports on your sponsored child; semi-annual communications about CFTC’s programs; and monthly enewsletter updates demonstrate the impact you are making on the life of a child, family, community
  • No letter writing = lower admin costs: more benefit to your sponsored child
  • Registered Canadian charity, Imagine Canada Standards Accreditation, and Voluntary Sector Reporting Award winner 2012-2014–your trust and our accountability are our highest priorities
I was third in my class in the first semester and first in the second semester. I work hard and I’m smart!Yordanos, Sponsored child from Ethiopia
Why sponsorSponsor a child

Why Sponsor

Beyond Food

From food aid to sustainable food security

In addition to funding feeding programs in schools, daycares and after-school centres, your sponsorship provides parents and communities with the skills and knowledge to grow, buy and feed their families healthy, nutritious, culturally-appropriate food.

Beyond Books

From school supplies to quality education

Your sponsorship increases access to quality early childhood and primary education, especially for girls. You’ll equip schools, recruit and train teachers, install water and sanitation facilities, and educate parents and communities on the value of education.

Beyond Charity

From charity to long-lasting change

Sponsorship supports parents, especially women, to earn income and contribute to household and community decision-making. Through micro-finance and skills development, families are empowered to create long-term, sustainable change that benefits children.

Sponsor Countries



Since 2004

Our work in Bolivia focuses on responding to three inherent challenges: vulnerable children, ingrained issues such as child poverty and indigenous inequality.


Since 1999

Our programs in Ethiopia help address the educational inequities faced by girls while helping their mothers confront income barriers. Our programs also focus on alleviating the burden of urban poverty for families.



Since 1999

We’ve provided support to Ghana since 1999. Your support will be directed to long-term partner Regional Advisory Information and Network Systems (RAINS), which delivers our child sponsorship program in Ghana’s impoverished Northern Region.


Since 1991

Our work in Uganda focuses on helping vulnerable women and children while providing supports to an agricultural sector that is struggling in the face of drought and a history of inefficient practices.


Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions answered

Your sponsorship contribution is combined with that of other sponsors and disbursed to the program in which your sponsored child is enrolled. Your ongoing assistance provides your sponsored child with many benefits, which may include an opportunity to have an education, healthy food, medication and clean water, as well as providing support for community development projects that benefit not only your sponsored child but also her/his family and community.
Sponsoring a child through Canadian Feed The Children costs less than other programs because your sponsorship is combined with that of others to create a family of supporters to care for one child, family and the community they live in. This approach has enabled us to create an affordable option for many Canadians to experience the joy of sponsoring a child, while providing lasting benefits to thousands of children.
To minimize administrative costs, we do not provide these services. However, each year you will receive detailed information about the child and community you are helping to support. Plus, you’ll receive a semi-annual newsletter, thrive!, which provides details on our child sponsorship activities in each of our sponsorship countries. If you have additional questions about your sponsored child beyond the information you receive, please feel free to contact us on 1-800-387-1221 or 416-757-1220 or via email at contact@canadianfeedthechildren.ca.
We are proud of the fact that because of the ongoing support of Canadian sponsors like you, we are able to help thousands of children while helping their communities become more stable and self-sustaining. However, for a variety of reasons, children will leave the program. We have found that in these circumstances, sponsors are happy to transfer their support to a new child who is waiting for sponsorship. Therefore, to keep our administrative costs low, we make the change and send notification along with information on your new sponsored child.
Canadian Feed The Children is a non-faith-based charity that serves all children, regardless of race, gender, culture or religion; as such, we do not inquire about a child’s religion.

The most cost-effective way to sponsor a child is by using our online form to setup pre-authorized payments from your chequing account or credit card. Pre-authorized payments make sponsorship easier by eliminating the need for postage, monthly cheques and reminder letters. Any way you choose to support us is an important decision that makes a vital difference in the life of a child.

Child sponsors receive one official charitable tax receipt in February (in time to prepare your taxes) for the total amount of your donations for the previous year. If you have misplaced your tax receipt or have any inquiries about receipting, please contact our Supporter Services team on 1-800-387-1221 or 416-757-1220 or via email at contact@canadianfeedthechildren.ca.

For more information about charitable tax receipts see the Government of Canada’s policy statement for charitable tax receipts.

Yes. We prepare and print an annual report each year that contains summary audited financial statements (if you would like a printed copy mailed to you, please let us know). We also post our annual report and our full audited financial statements online. You may obtain full, audited Canadian Feed The Children financial statements by contacting a member of our Supporter Services team.

About Us


We’re an independent, secular development agency founded and operating in Canada since 1986.


A registered Canadian charity, CFTC was among the first to be accredited by Imagine Canada’s Standards Program and in 2015 was awarded “Exemplar” status for its three consecutive wins in 2012, 2013, and 2014 of the Voluntary Sector Reporting Award of Excellence for Financial Reporting Transparency.


Our financials are independently audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers and published each year, while our volunteer Board of Directors sets and exceeds the highest standards in governance. You can count on the highest standards when it comes to use and stewardship of your generous donations.

financial chart 2016
Based on preliminary unaudited financial results for 2016. For more information about our finances please download our latest Annual Report