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Since 1986, Canadian Feed The Children has been working to reduce the impact of poverty on children. We introduced our first sponsorship program in 1991 in Uganda and today, with the help of local staff and community partners, we deliver child sponsorship programs in Africa (Uganda, Ethiopia and Ghana) and Bolivia. While each program is designed to meet the specific needs of children in that country, access to nutritious food, clean water, safe shelter and early childhood development and care, clothes (including school uniforms and all else that is needed for children to be able to attend and stay in school) are common elements in all sponsorship programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is my child sponsorship donation used?
Your sponsorship contribution is combined with that of other sponsors and disbursed to the program in which your sponsored child is enrolled. Your ongoing assistance provides your sponsored child with many benefits, which may include an opportunity to have an education, healthy food, medication and clean water, as well as providing support for community development projects that benefit not only your sponsored child but also her/his family and community.
Why does child sponsorship through CFTC cost less than other programs?
Sponsoring a child through Canadian Feed The Children costs less than other programs because your sponsorship is combined with that of others to create a family of supporters to care for one child, family and the community they live in. This approach has enabled us to create an affordable option for many Canadians to experience the joy of sponsoring a child, while providing lasting benefits to thousands of children.
Can I communicate directly with my sponsored child?
To minimize administrative costs, we do not provide these services. However, each year you will receive detailed information about the child and community you are helping to support. Plus, you’ll receive a semi-annual newsletter, thrive!, which provides details on our child sponsorship activities in each of our sponsorship countries. If you have additional questions about your sponsored child beyond the information you receive, please feel free to contact us.
What happens if my child leaves the program?
We are proud of the fact that because of the ongoing support of Canadian sponsors like you, we are able to help thousands of children while helping their communities become more stable and self-sustaining. However, for a variety of reasons, children will leave the program. We have found that in these circumstances, sponsors are happy to transfer their support to a new child who is waiting for sponsorship. Therefore, to keep our administrative costs low, we make the change and send notification along with information on your new sponsored child.
What is my sponsored child’s religion?
Canadian Feed The Children is a non-faith-based charity that serves all children, regardless of race, gender, culture or religion; as such, we do not inquire about a child’s religion. Sponsor Today
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