Our Child Sponsorship Program

Our child sponsorship programs include community-based supports that benefit all children and their families, focused on the following core areas:

fork Nutrition: In-school breakfasts and lunches, supplemental and emergency feeding programs fill hungry tummies. Nutrition education and nutritional status monitoring help parents and caregivers provide the basics required for healthy development.

education Education: Future income rises by five to 15% for boys, and more for girls, for every year of school attained. From classroom supplies, uniforms and school fees to teacher training and community awareness-raising, investing in education is the best way to break the poverty cycle.

water Clean water and sanitation: Access to clean water is critical to preventing childhood illness and mortality rates, and help children stay strong, healthy and in school.

comunity Family & community support: Creating income generation opportunities and building capacity in the community for self-sufficiency provides the means for long-term, sustainable social change.

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Cathy Gibbon meets her sponsored children on a trip to Bolivia and tells us why she decided to become a child sponsor.


How we keep our costs low

We are able to keep the cost of sponsorship low while retaining the greatest value in the program by:

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An inclusive child sponsorship program

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School children in Uganda


Rescued from a cold La Paz street in the middle of the night, Alberto (second from right) has taken many steps forward – and, to be honest, a few steps back – but is now slowly but surely heading toward a new life and a happier future, thanks to Alalay and child sponsorship.


Cherinet, now 14, was orphaned at a very young age along with his older brother, and like many children in Ethiopia, they raised each other. In 2008, CFTC’s local partner CHADET found Cherinet at the age of nine, not attending school and living an extremely difficult life with his brother – who worked long days as a general labourer to provide for the two boys. Once being enrolled in the sponsorship program and under the care and watchful eye of CHADET, Cherinet has been able to thrive.


When Bridget was two, she and her two-month-old sister were left on the front step of their grandmother Rose’s house who was struggling to care for her own five children. Life changed when Bridget was selected for sponsorship by CFTC partner HUYSLINCI. “I had no hope of sending Bridget to school at the time, even though other children her age were going to school. A huge burden was lifted from me,” said Rose.

Merline Dossous

Merline Dossous (standing on right with CFTC Program Manager – Americas, Genevieve Drouin), was just five or six years old when she and her older sister were found, abandoned by their father. Neither knows where there father is, and neither had ever known their mother – but thanks to CFTC child sponsors, both have known love and care. Today, Merline is a thriving, healthy and happy 13-year-old today who lives at House of Hope, along with her sister.


Azara (shown at centre) was pulled from school and sent to live with an aunt who demanded that she complete all domestic chores before attending class. As a result, Azara not only wasn’t in school, but became very ill. As a sponsored child, RAINS was able to monitor her situation and intervene to bring Azara back to her family – where she received health care and was returned to school.

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