Helping people “be the change they wish to see.”

Strengthening people, communities and our local partners from within so they can lead their own development:

creates self-sufficiency and independence drives effectiveness, efficiency and growth achieves permanent gains in poverty alleviation through sustainable programming is “…central to achieving economic growth, reducing poverty and equalizing opportunity.” The Rockefeller Foundation
Sustainable farming in Africa

First crop grown thanks to new irrigation system, Leogane, Haiti © CFTC 2012

Weaving in Africa

Your support for women’s basket-weaving means better income and empowerment for women like this one in Nyariga, Ghana © CFTC 2012

Building capacity three ways: Among our local partners; within our country and head offices; and in the communities in which we work.

Community capacity: programs are driven by communities’ own stated needs, solutions are developed by the communities themselves, communities own and carry solutions forward independently into the future. Partner capacity: CFTC’s partners have sound, scalable management, governance, and financial capacities to operate professionally and efficiently; they have the training, skills and abilities to effect long-term change; they network and share learning with each other and local, regional, national policy-makers. Programming capacity: CFTC, our country offices and our local partners are trained, supported, aligned and achieving impact through education and food security programming.

Why Capacity Building Matters

Promoting efficiency and effectiveness today offers the best opportunity for sustainable, self-sufficient communities for generations to come.

Sustainable, long-term poverty alleviation – Community-led initiatives create self-sufficiency for women, children and men who determine their own goals and implement their own solutions. Strengthened local development – Community-based organizations are equipped with the skills and resources to drive local development, maintain continuity in programming, and benefit children for the long term. Moving from charity to change agent – Investing in capacity-building allows CFTC to increase local partner and community independence quickly and shift our focus to areas of greater need. Focus and alignment on CFTC’s Theory of Change – Coordinating change at the local, regional, national and international levels maximizes resources and enables us to deliver and demonstrate impact.

CFTC’s Capacity Building Programs

Our programs help build strength from within: Strong, sustainable organizations that work in increasingly self-sufficient communities.

How You Can Support Capacity Building

See Capacity Building Change In Action

Major grants for local partners

Capacity building leads to major grants for two local partners.

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CHANGE is in the air!

Despite a difficult growing season in 2013, radio has been key in disseminating information that helps northern Ghana's smallholder farmers adapt to climate change.

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CHANGE makes change

Half-way into the CHANGE project Ellen Woodley, CHANGE Project Manager, reports that great progress is being made on the key activities such as participation rates and yields.

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